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Inverter AC Repair

What is Inverter AC: Know about this latest technology

New technologies are thronging the market now and then. The use of advanced technology in consumer electronic products has led to upgradation in the existing products, and people are showing great interest in buying appliances which are embedded with the latest features. The consumer is interested in buying devices which …

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AC repair service in Noida

4 Symptoms Your AC Needs an Immediate Repair

The summer season is approaching fast, and during those days you fully depend upon the cool and cozy breeze that your air conditioner brings to you. During the entire season, if your AC confronts any problem, you run in an emergency mode to get it repaired as quickly as possible. …

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Microwave Repair

Microwave oven – types & usage

Microwaves are the quintessential kitchen appliances that have changed the way the world cooks as it offers a quick, organized, precise and streamlined process of cooking. Today, everyone prefers to have this appliance in the kitchen. The microwave oven is available in different types, and their utility also changes with …

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Geyser Repair Services

Geyser installation – important things to know

Geysers are a necessary electrical appliance in every home. These are the quintessential appliances without which you cannot survive winters. Hot water is an absolute necessity in cold and shivering winters. There are several brands of geysers available in the market and if you have bought one of them and …

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