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Choice of Window AC Vs. Split AC

Choosing between a Window AC and Split AC sometimes become difficult. There are divided opinions on the favourability of both the types of AC which depend on the requirements of the individual. Here, we’ll discuss the different elements that prove to be a decisive factor while picking up a model of AC. Read on, to know more.

Energy Efficiency: The most common concern is that of energy efficiency. Both the types of AC are energy-efficient, but the underlying factor of the efficiency is that of EER- Energy Efficiency Ratio which refers to the amount of cooling an AC can provide per watt of the electricity consumption. The BEE- Bureau of Energy Efficiency provides star rating on the EER offered by an AC. The more the score out of 5, the more is its cooling capacity per watt of the electricity consumed. If you want options, then the scale tilts in favor of spilt ACs as there are several options in energy efficiency models as compared to the Window AC.

The temperature of the room: Various factors should be taken into consideration . For example, the number of windows in a place, a well-insulated room is likely to get cooled down more effectively as the amount of heat entering the room is reduced as compared to a room with more than one window. The BTU/hr which represents the cooling capacity of the AC should be lower than the heat entering the room, as then only the AC will work to its optimum efficiency. One watt is approximately 3.412 BTU/hour. The BTU- British Thermal Unit is an energy unit that calculates the amount of heating the AC can remove from the room. So, if you are choosing a Window or a Split AC, then choose according to the right size. Undersized or Oversized capacity of the AC will have a direct influence on the consumption of the electricity. So, whether you choose a 1 .0 tonne range AC or a 1.5 tonne AC, it should depend on the room size.

Aesthetics: If we talk about aesthetics, then the Split AC is favoured as it blends in the room’s ambiance and looks more elegant. The Window AC protrudes from the walls or windows and thus kind of breaks the line of symmetry. If appearance is your prerogative, then you can go for Spilt AC otherwise you can buy a Window AC.

Noise: If you look beyond appearance and consider the sound in operation then you should know that Window AC  creates a fair amount of noise as compared to Split ACs which boast of silent service.

Ease of installation: It is easy to install the window AC as compared to Split AC which takes much more space and is part of the indoor environment, so a lot of effort goes into balancing the functionality and the aesthetic part.

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