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Know how Gas is filled in AC

Summers are fast approaching, and we need to prepare our ACs to combat the hot and scorching summers.  You need to get a trained technician to check your AC if it’s working to its optimum efficiency. The most common problem with the AC is that there is an issue with the refrigerant – either it is not running efficiently or not working at all. Read on to know how gas is fillAC Gas Fillinged in the AC. A professional AC technician follows a specific process. See how a trained person will fix the issue.

He will first check the AC parts. The condenser coil needs to be tested thoroughly because the condenser coil should be working because then only the refrigerant will cool up the room. There might be a leakage which leaves the refrigerant defunct, and it does not cool up the place. The right tools and safety gear is required to fill in the gas in the AC. The technician locates the suction line and the discharge line. These lines are located behind a window AC and Split AC in the outdoor unit; the suction line is used to fill in the gas.

To fill in the gas, the suction line has to be opened. The screw is required to be unbolted – it is like a valve which does not let the refrigerant to flow out. The technician will unscrew the bolt using a particular key. After removing the screw, the blue hose of the AC manifold gauge has to be connected with the port. The yellow tube needs to be connected to the vacuum pump. The technician will then remove all the air from the system. It is essential that all the moisture is extracted from the compressor as any traces can damage it.

The technician will ensure that all the valves of the AC manifold gauge are closed. The yellow hose is then connected to the refrigerant tank, and it is slightly loosened and the manifold end, just before opening the tank knob.  Then the tank knob is unlocked and closed suddenly. This process will remove all the air from inside the pipes; the yellow hose is then tightened again.

After this process, the low side valve of the manifold is opened for a few seconds and then it is closed. The AC is turned on, and one needs to wait until the compressor starts. When it starts, the low side of the valve needs to be opened again. The valve is opened for a few seconds and then closed. This process has to be repeated until the pressure starts hovering between 60-70 PSI. When this pressure is achieved, then the manifold valve is closed. The technician will then lock the refrigerant tank knob and will take out the blue hose from the suction line, and similarly, the yellow hose is unscrewed from the tank.

It is noteworthy that in small quantities and gradually the refrigerant is added into the suction line. The technician will ensure that the AC manifolds gauges are locked. The downside of the knob of the AC is opened, and the AC is started. It completes the gas refilling of the AC.

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