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What is Inverter AC: Know about this latest technology

New technologies are thronging the market now and then. The use of advanced technology in consumer electronic products has led to upgradation in the existing products, and people are showing great interest in buying appliances which are embedded with the latest features. The consumer is interested in buying devices which yield low energy bills and offers numerous advanced features. One such example is the AC inverter which has become quite popular among the masses. Read on, to know what Inverter AC is and how it is different from the regular ACs.

Inverter AC is the most efficient technology that is available in the market today. The Most Known benefit of  inverter model is that it saves energy and saves up to 30 % to 50% of the consumption of electricity as compared to a regular AC. BEE- Bureau of Energy Efficiency introduced a new star rating for the Inverter Technology ACs and thus all the inverter AC are provided BEE 3, 4 & 5 ratings. The BEE gives star ratings on the efficiency of the appliances.

The fundamental difference between an inverter AC and a regular AC is that the former is a variable speed AC and the latter is fixed speed AC.  You must have heard in the non-inverter AC the sound of clicking which denotes on and off’ of the AC’s compressor. The compressor of the inverter ac is always on throughout the time of the operation.

It is a known fact that every AC has been designed in such a way that it works at peak power requirement. The maximum peak load lets the AC works to achieve optimum efficiency. For example, a 1.5 ton AC will work to cool a room of a particular size optimally. So the cooling capacity is designed according to a specific area. The regular AC will not achieve that amount of cooling level if the room is more significant than it has been designed to cool, but the inverter AC will run continuously and use the same power to provide cooling and keeping the temperature stable.

The Inverter Ac automatically adjusts the capacity load depending on the room it is required to cool. So, it consumes less energy as it uses less power as compared to the regular AC which uses more power to cool a more significant area. Thus, with inverter AC, the electricity bill is bound to go down. Having said, that it is important to note that, a thorough evaluation of the room is done before installing an Inverter AC and the capacity required to achieve the best results.

The Inverter Technology ACs work on variable speed, and thus they operate differently from the regular ACs as the latter have a single speed compressor. The former is a variable tonnage AC while the latter area single tonnage AC. The Inverter Ac can adjust their speed depending on the load requirement while the regular AC does not alter their speed/capacity.  The heat load in a room depends on various factors such as the changing seasons, the occupancy rate of the room, time of the day, etc. The inverter AC adjusts the speed on these multiple factors and makes it energy-efficient.

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