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Geyser installation – important things to know

Geysers are a necessary electrical appliance in every home. These are the quintessential appliances without which you cannot survive winters. Hot water is an absolute necessity in cold and shivering winters. There are several brands of geysers available in the market and if you have bought one of them and want to get it installed – you ought to know some useful tips. Read on, to know more about some important things about geyser installation.

The first important thing to note is that the correct location should be chosen as the appliance like any other home appliance needs sufficient space that should be per the size of the geyser. A qualified and trained technician can correctly install the geyser. It is noteworthy that the guidelines provided by the manufacturer should be duly followed to avoid any damage to the appliance and to avoid any mishap. So, whether, you are installing the geyser in the bathroom or the kitchen, you need to have ample space that will allow proper cleaning and servicing of the appliance. The next factor that should be looked into is the height from the ground. The ideal distance is 1.8 meters to ten meters of the geyser from the ground. Make sure you choose an area that is far away from the wet area. So, if you are installing the geyser in the bathroom, you need to install the appliance away from the shower, and the bathtub and in the kitchen keep it at a distance from the sink.

Geyser Repair Services

Before installation, one should be aware that the electrical supply should be embedded with the correct overload fuse. An expert and trained technician are well-versed with the geyser installation process. You can rely on a trustworthy technician who offers the best geyser installation services. To book a  geyser installation or any other service is very easy as on-demand home service providers such as Lifeasy are efficiently catering to the growing demand for various home services.

Meet Lifeasy- India’s favorite on-demand homes service provider that offers an array of on-demand services including electrical services such as Geyser repair services and geyser installation services. Our staff is highly trained and verified, and thus you get perfect repair and installation work with peace of mind. It’s effortless to book services on Lifeasy, all you need to do is to call @ 8586882266. You can also use the Lifeasy App or visit https://www.lifeasy.in/ to schedule services and call professionals as per your convenience easily.

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