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Microwave oven – types & usage

Microwaves are the quintessential kitchen appliances that have changed the way the world cooks as it offers a quick, organized, precise and streamlined process of cooking. Today, everyone prefers to have this appliance in the kitchen. The microwave oven is available in different types, and their utility also changes with the type of the oven used. Let’s know more about them.

The most popular of the microwave are the ones that are designed for families. They have a large plate that is suitable for cooking for large families. They have a one-button cooking system and easy-to-operate. There are other buttons which are labelled for various functions. The solo Microwave oven is the ideal microwave which is best suited for simple cooking requirements. It is also a good option for reheating foods. The Solo Microwave is the basic microwave that offers cooking, defrosting and uniform heating purposes.

Microwave Oven Repair

All the microwaves come up with various features such as Cooking Pre-sets with which enable you to cook potatoes, frozen dishes and it is also used for reheating purposes there’s also the defrost option and cooking time can be set by weight too. The ‘ Cooking Time’ gives options to cook food at one go. Usually, the time offered is 30 to 60 minutes. The sensor technology is involved in the microwaves which enable the appliance to ‘sense’ whether the food has been cooked properly or not. These days, you will find microwaves with inversion technology that improves the cooking quality of the food by preparing the food evenly.

The Grill Microwave oven is very popular among people who like to consume grilled food. It offers a combination of the solo and the grill microwave The Convection microwave oven is best suited for reheating and grilling purposes. It is the type of microwave which is perfect for baking. The convection microwave blows hot air around the food, and thus it cooks food faster. This type of microwave includes a vent to vent air in and out, and the moving air fastens the process of cooking. The convection microwave offers all the functions of the solo functions, and apart from them, it provides the grilling, baking and roasting function as well. So, if you require an oven that gives you more than the re-heating and simple cooking function, then you should certainly consider a convection microwave that will help you grill, bake, and roast food.

Over-the-range comprises of a microwave oven and a range hood that can be installed over your stove top. This arrangement puts the ventilation unit and the microwave together and thus saves the counter space. The Counter top Microwave, these stand on their own in the kitchen and people having no issues with counter space, can certainly get a counter top microwave. People can also opt for the built-in microwaves which fit into their designated counter space.

Microwaves like any other appliance tend to break down at some point or the other, and if you are looking for microwave repair services, you can rely upon Lifeasy-India’s top on-demand home service provider.

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