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Modular Kitchen Services

Transforming great kitchen design ideas into reality

A modular kitchen has become an essential component of modern homes these days not just because it gives an exquisite and stylish statement to our homes, but it provides a sufficient and well-organised storage space too.

Behind the idea of transforming your old kitchen into a modular one, there can be various reasons for your decision. For instance, you are bored of the old style, cabinets are not enough for storage, no place for the new appliances or new fittings are needed; whatever the requirement, at the end of the day, a modular kitchen is going to add a fresh outlook to your home for sure.

Lifeasy‘s expert team will be more than happy to enhance your kitchen with elegance, style, great functionality and complete utility. Our experienced carpenters and designers will completely reface and refinish your old kitchen into a modular kitchen. Our designers’ ideas of a smart partition of cabinets and customised internal storage will surprise you. Our expert Carpenters will utilize the available space to design a well-organized kitchen. Lifeasy proudly provides the customers professional quality in woodwork, cabinet finish, appliance installation, drawer’s arrangements, and designing, etc. which ultimately gives you the desired results, great joy and peace of mind.

We can design and make all shapes of modular kitchen layouts like-
L-Shaped Kitchen: An L shaped kitchen gives sufficient space to move around, and this shape also allows you to have a significant storage area and a separate seating arrangement.

U Shaped Kitchen: A U-shaped modular kitchen can utilize all the walls of the kitchen, and it is equally compatible with the big and small areas. This kitchen allows you to have a separate working area for cooking, washing, cutting, etc. and also gives ample storage space with beautiful lower as well as overhead cabinets.

Straight Kitchen: The straight modular kitchen is best suited for the limited area such as studio apartment. They allow easy access to all the appliances and have cabinets both above and below the kitchen slab/ working station.

Parallel kitchen: Parallel Kitchen designs can utilize the small space brilliantly. This modular kitchen is the perfect example of ease-of-use, style and compactness.

Lifeasy experts take a look at your old kitchen layout, discuss requirements and budget, create a design/prototype and give you an estimate of the total project. Whether you want a complete transformation or need some changes, Lifeasy has the best artisans to provide a complete solution to all your needs. We have qualified cabinet makers, interior designers, flooring experts, painters: these people will aesthetically design your kitchen into such a place that will not only give your house a modern look, well-organised space, but also make sure the transformation provides an enjoyable cooking experience for the home-owner.

If you want to transform your old and outdated kitchen into a modular kitchen, you need to fill the below form and submit it. Lifeasy team will get in touch with you and schedule an expert’s visit at your place for free consultation and estimate.