Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure your power cord is firmly plugged into both the back of the TV and the power outlet. Some models have a power switch on the side of the TV; make sure it is in the ON position. If you are trying to turn on your TV using the remote control, make sure you are using new batteries and that they are inserted properly. On universal remote controls, first press the TV button on remote control, and then press the POWER button.
We do not sell spare parts.  We only repair your defective units.
We generally carry spare parts for Sony products years after its manufacturing has been discontinued in the market. However, repair of your old Sony set depends on parts availability.

We assure you of reasonable and competitive pricing for both our spare parts and labor charges.  Moreover, we provide warranty in compliance with DTI’s Consumer Welfare Standards.
On a case-to-case basis, we offer trade-in products for units that are no longer economical to repair, or when spare parts are no longer available. 
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